At VideoHQ, we help you to improve your videos: whatever level you’re at; and wherever you’re trying to get to.

We offer a tiered approach to our support.

Our free educational content is designed for sports teams and businesses who want to improve the content of their social media videos, and are prepared to invest the time it takes to learn the skills needed.

The videos cover a range of topics – from great kit upgrades you can pick up on a budget, to how to choose the best filming location.

The videos are packed with the tips and tricks we’ve picked up over the years. We release these videos on a fortnightly basis on our social media channels, so you can keep improving your skills.

The next step up is our post-production video editing service. This really boosts the quality and effectiveness of your videos; as we can add subtitles, music, and an end board with a call-to-action and all your contact details on it. Oh – and we can fix any technical mistakes from the filming too.

Yet there is a glass ceiling to how good you can make videos look when they’ve been filmed on your phone – so we also offer packages which involve us coming out to film with all our fancy equipment.

The first is our Website Kit-out Package – where we come and film with you for half a day, and then create three bespoke videos for you. These add structure and information to your website, and with videos on your site people will interact wit it for longer, boosting your search engine ranking.

Our Video Stockpile Package gives you regular, flexible, and high-quality video production – and is perfect for growing businesses. We film as much content as possible at a half-day filming session, and then use this to create a promotional video which is ready for you to use immediately. We keep the rest of the unused footage safe, so that we can make more videos for you when you need them. This means the video production grows with your business, and it’s much quicker and more affordable than making a new video from scratch each time.

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My work varies from coverage of top women’s football teams, to commercial work. Catch a glimpse of what I can do here.