Inspired to start a video production company

Hello! I’m Hannah Quinn, the director of VideoHQ. And no, I’m not 12 years old. I’ve always had a baby face though – I’m doomed to a life of having to take my ID everywhere I go.

I set up VideoHQ after finishing my journalism degree back in 2017. At the very least you could call that a bold move – but I had some very good reasons for being willing to give up job security and a career working in the national media.

I was inspired to start a video production company during my Final Year Project, which was to create a short documentary with a top women’s football team.

They had fantastic stories to tell: they were entering a golden era for their academy; developing international superstars left, right, and centre; and with that side, they reached the FA Youth Cup Final for the first time in their history (which I was lucky enough to be there to film!).


Finding ways to help people relax on camera

Yet with all this success, they were asking a university student to do their filming, because they didn’t have the time or equipment to do it themselves. And I was worried this would be the case elsewhere – that there could be some phenomenal stories going untold.

Those videos created fantastic online engagement, so after leaving university, I set up this business. A production company dedicated to helping business owners to express themselves online, and removing the barriers which have stopped them from telling their stories.

One of the biggest barriers is a fear of being on camera. And I absolutely get that, it feels extremely unnatural.

I also freelance at BBC Radio Shropshire, and a big part of the job is working with people who aren’t used to being on air, and getting them to relax and present themselves in the best possible way. And I use the same techniques at VideoHQ to make sure businesses can do the same in their videos.

Leave the scripts behind – let’s have a conversation

When you film with me, there’s no long script to remember. Of course, know the points that you want to cover, but then I’ll ask the questions which unlock those answers. This helps you to come across much more naturally on camera if it’s something you’re not confident about.

One of the most unnerving things about being filmed is looking down the lens – so quite simply, I don’t make you do that! Instead, I ask you to look across the camera at me asking the questions, so it feels more like a conversation than a filming session.

And my BBC background impacts the business in another way too. As a journalist, everything is done with the target audience in mind. It influences your every decision: the stories you choose; the guests you book; and how you present the story. I bring that same level of focus to your business, so every creative decision is made with the aim of making the content appeal to your prospects. I’ll never make a video which just looks pretty – it’s always going to help you connect with more prospects and convert more leads.


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